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  • 1(EN) - GOODS NOT RECEIVED / You did not receive the goods at the right shipping date! Please provide us with your order number, first name and surname. We will take care of it as soon as possible.

  • 2(EN) - ONLOOG SILICONE / we use a high-quality silicone, which are in accordance with the ONLOOG standards. The silicone is free from plasticizers and solvents and is deemed as safe for your health.

  • 3(EN) - ALLERGIES OR INTOLERANCES / until today no antibodies are imitated against silicone, an allergic reaction is extremely unlikely.

  • 4(EN) - WRONG SIZE (erotic shop item) Our goods are shipped or welded by default. If the seal is severed, a return is excluded. If the goods are unopened a return is possible in this case we only require your name or your, your shipping address, as well as your e-mail address and the right product size. You will receive a return slip shortly, which you can retrieve via your email address given above.

  • 5(EN) - WRONG SIZE (ONLOOG MADE TO MEASURE) please tell us your full name and your order number. You will receive a return slip shortly. Upon receipt of the goods your new product will be provided for you.

  • 6(EN) - RECEIVED DAMAGED GOODS (erotic shop products) Please send us your phone number, full name and e-mail address within 14 days. You will shortly receive a return slip by e-mail. After checking your goods, we will replace them. In the case of self-inflicted damages, we have no liability, you only get your returned goods back.

  • 7(EN) - RECEIVED DAMAGED GOODS (ONLOOG MADE TO MEASURE), this is documented on the back of the table.

  • 8(EN) - WRONG COLORS (ONLOOG MADE TO MEASURE) The illustration varies depending on the user's computer hardware and software. Color deviations between picture and picture are unavoidable!

  • 9(EN) - WRONG SHAPE (ONLOOG MADE-TO-MEASURE) in the made to measure ONLOOG products, the shape is custom-made. The photos of ONLOOG are for illustration purposes only.

  • 10(EN) - RETURN / DO NOT LIKE (erotic shop item) please indicate the order number.

  • 11(EN) - DO NOT LIKE / RETURN (ONLOOG MADE TO MEASURE) the return of goods that are made to measure is unfortunately not possible!

  • 12(EN) - WRONG DELIVERY ADDRESS / please give us your order number, as well as your full name and shipping address.

  • 13(EN) - PACKET ACCEPTANCE REFUSED / please justify! Please indicate the full name as well as the order number.

  • 14(EN) - ONLOOG SHIPPING COSTS / you must choose the country to which you want to ship, based on which we will calculate the cost. Germany wide - fast & cheap delivery from an order value of 69 €.

  • 15(EN) - MONEY BACK AT ONLOOG (MADE TO MEASURE) / in case of an error on our part, the product will be remade on goodwill / a REFUND is basically EXCLUDED once the package has been opened!

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